Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Basic customized LED NEON signs start from ±200 euro.
Price depends based on: size, design and other factors.
Send us a message for a detailed price estimate!

How do I put it on the wall?

Each kit has mounting kit included (metal standoffs). They will need to be attached to the wall and then neon sign is screwed to it.
Follow included instructions (scan QR code for video instruction). Shall any questions remain - contact us, we are help to help!

Does it use a lot of electricity?

No, it does not use a lot of electricity, average size sign uses much less energy than typical light bulb.

How long does it last? Warranty?

With every order we include 24-month warranty starting from the day order was picked up.

Our LEDs are designed to last longer than 40000 hours if used correctly.